Social Bookmarking for Beginners

Social bookmarking is a term using for creating links for a site in social bookmarking sites. Basically, it is used for generating more web traffic to your site and getting higher search engine rankings.

There are tons of social bookmarking sites that may help you to generate more traffic for your page. You join the site with your e-mail address and nick name, and add your link with its keywords, tags and descriptions. You should do it for every SB site you know. That means that, you can get tons of traffic as you create more links for your site in these sites.

SB sites have different PRs (page rank). If you get links from high PR social bookmarking sites, that is more effective for your site to get higher search engine rankings.

Be careful about ‘do-follow’ links and ‘no-follow’ links. The links you have created for your site in some SB sites count as ‘no-follow’ link. This means that, the link you have created for your site in this SB site does NOT affect your search engine position. You should find SB sites that allow ‘do-follow’ links.

Yes, you see that it takes time and effort to get more web traffic to your site. But is it really necessary? Is it that hard?

For some people, social bookmarking is not a painful process. They do not spend their hours to find high PR social bookmarking sites or submit their link to them with its tags, keywords and long description. These guys spend some of their money, and buy a SB robot to do all the hard work for them. You write the account name that you want to use for SB site accounts, fill the empty boxes for your description, tags and keywords, click bookmark button and you are done! You don’t have to spend your hours, days or weeks. The robot also know the SB sites that it has to bookmark your link. 5 minute is enough for you to do the work of two weeks.